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Relax Kids

The free App

For Zen Children!

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Available for free and easily on the WEB from your computer or smartphone

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Available for free and easily on your Android smartphone


The App that guides children to relaxation and learning serenity.

The Relax Kids app is not an application like any other. It was designed by a family:

Beatriz Mezzetti, Mathieu Wolniewicz and our daughter Carla (12 years old).


Open the doors of digital relaxation...

A few minutes a day is enough,

So that the children are calm and relaxed.

RELAXSTORY is the expert in game relaxation for children aged 3 to 12. It is acclaimed by teachers, children's professionals, the medical profession and by parents because it provides children with a state of well-being necessary for their psychic and physical development.

The Relax Kids App is made up of fun, therapeutic, simple and walking exercises!

The Relax Kids App is used everywhere and when you feel the need. It quickly turns into an indispensable toolbox for children and parents.

The Relax Kids App Offers:

  • Audio Relaxing Tales
  • Audio and Image Yoga exercises
  • Secular meditations between 1 and 10 minutes
  • Zen Stories
  • Cooking classes to become a little Chef relax
  • Relaxing Magic Potions
  • Super heroes to learn how to be super relaxed
  • Explanations to allow adults to accompany children...

The Relax Kids App, for children :

  • Quieter
  • More concentrated
  • More confident
  • More motivated
  • More Creative
  • Friendlier with each other
  • More respectful of their environment
  • Who Sleep better
  • Which memorize more easily
  • Who learn to control and overcome their fears
  • Who learn to think positive
  • Who learn to cook healthy and balanced recipes
  • With academic results in progress
  • Less mentally and physically stressed

Originally, RELAXSTORY made tales and pauses yoga audio

Both playful and therapeutic

Meditations, relaxing tales, yoga breaks and coaching are audio productions composed of music, sounds and soothing voices that guide the child towards deep relaxation.
They are inspired by sophrology and yoga.
They accompany all his moments of relaxation and rest. LChild will identify his tensions and eliminate them naturally and gently. The audios Allow you to calm a child quickly and help him or her to sleep peacefully or to concentrate before doing homework, for example.

The Relax Kids App is enriched

Regularly the APP is updated with new features.

The Relax Kids App is FREE

Unlimited access with a single download.

The APP Children from 3 to 12 years old

The application can be used by the smaller and larger ones accompanied by an adult.