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A team passionate about well-being

RELAXSTORY is a family-owned business dedicated to the well-being of individuals, adults and children, as well as the well-being of business users.

LE lab

RELAXSTORY has a holistic approach to well-being and seeks simple and effective solutions, both playful and therapeutic.


Research and development are at the heart of our creations. Our solutions use and inspire the best of what man can do to provide well-being and health.

Meditation, sophrology, yoga, nutrition combined with a more contemporary approach to wellness with ergonomics, new materials, fashions and expectations of new generations are an integral part of our inspiration in all our Projects.

Our history

The story of RELAXSTORY starts in a cafe in November 2011. Mathieu Wolniewicz, a therapeutic relaxation practitioner, has the idea of democratizing relaxation and making it accessible to everyone, in a nutshell: Relaxing the whole planet.

Beatriz MEZZETTI and Mathieu WOLNIEWICZ, a couple in life, are the creators of the RELAXSTORY brand, all creations, production and marketing.

Their daughter Carla participated in the realization of the APP Relax Kids.

Creativity & Experience

Mathieu Wolniewicz

Mathieu Wolniewicz

Founder/Associate Director

Beatriz Mezzetti

Beatriz Mezzetti

Associate founder

Mathieu Wolniewicz Founder/Associate Director

Project Creator

Designer of the Armchair "R by RELAXSTORY"

Relaxologist Practitioner in therapeutic relaxation and management of Stress Sophrologue (Certified diploma and educational supervision of the State)

E.F.T. Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques) certified level II

Individuals: adults, teenagers and children (above 3 years old)

"Motors", "hyperactive", "Autism Level 1" and behavioural disorders related to stress and anxiety of children

Companies: Intervention on the concept of break for relaxation of employees, seminars, wellness animations

Beatriz MEZZETTI Associate founder

Designer of the Armchair "R by RELAXSTORY"

RELAXSTORY is an independent French brand.


Pencil shots and ideas...

Ideas to develop