Our story

RelaxStory is a family-oriented research and development company dedicated to the well-being of people, adults and children, as well as to the well-being of users in business (employees or clients).

The story of RelaxStory starts in a café in November 2011. Mathieu Wolniewicz, a practitioner in therapeutic relaxation, has the idea of democratizing relaxation and making it accessible to all, in a few words: to relax the whole planet.

Beatriz MEZZETTI and Mathieu WOLNIEWICZ, a couple in life, are the creators of the brand RelaxStory, of all creations, production and marketing.

RelaxStory has a holistic approach to well-being and looks for efficient solutions, both playful and therapeutic. Our solutions are inspired by the mindfulness, the Sophrology, the yoga, the mental visualization and the sweet, Asian, Indian and African millennial medicines ...

RelaxStory allows to release the psychic and physical tensions, the pressure in just a few minutes. RelaxStory takes you on a trip to different parts of the world and relaxes your body from head to toe.

RelaxStory is an independent French brand and wishes you a 100% life "Relax".

Beatriz and Mathieu

The creators

Beatriz Mezzetti RelaxStory

Founder/Associate Director

Creator of projects - Marketing - Communication - Designer of the armchair " R by RelaxStory "

Mathieu Wolniewicz RelaxStory

Founder/Associate Director

Creator of projets - Designer of the armchair "R by RelaxStory"

Relaxation therapist
                                  Practitioner in therapeutic relaxation and stress management - Sophrologist (certified State pedagogical follow-                                       up) - Practitioner E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) certified level II

                                  Individuals: adults, children (from 3 years old) and teenagers
                                  Children and adults "engine behavior", "hyperactive", "Autism Level 1", behavioural disorders related to stress,                                           anguish and anxiety

                                  Business: Intervention on the concept of pause for employees, seminars, wellbeing animations

The team, the collaborators and those who share

Our daughter Carla and her imagination overflowing
Our massage therapists with golden hands: Paula, Claire and Carolyn
Our creative minds technicians for recordings, production, development and dissemination
Actors, musicians and sounders
Our partners
Friends and anonymous people who like RelaxStory