Our history

RelaxStory is a family-owned research and development company dedicated to the well-being of people. RelaxStory was born from a simple idea, in November 2011: democratize relaxation and make it accessible to all. In a nutshell, relax the whole planet with audio.

Beatriz MEZZETTI and Mathieu WOLNIEWICZ, a couple in life, are the creators of the RelaxStory brand, RelaxStory creations, production and marketing. Mathieu Wolniewicz is a practitioner in therapeutic relaxation, stress management - Sophrologist - EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) certified level II.

The RelaxStory RELAX are playful and inspired by the Asian, Indian, African ... mindfulness, sophrology, yoga, mental visualization and alternative medicine.
Each RELAX takes you on a trip to a part of the world, the RELAX relax the body from head to toe and help you to relax psychic and physical tensions.
The RelaxStory RELAX relieve pressure in just a few minutes and effortlessly.

RelaxStory is a family brand 100% "relax" and independent.

Beatriz and Mathieu

The creators

Beatriz Mezzetti RelaxStory


Co-Creator - Co-Director

Marketing and Communication
Designer of the chair "R by RelaxStory"

Contact : 00.33.(0)

Mathieu Wolniewicz RelaxStory

Co-creator - Co-Director

Relaxologist since 2007
Practitioner in Therapeutic Relaxation and Stress Management - Sophrologist (certified diploma followed by pedagogioque of the state) - EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) certified level II
- Companies: seminars, conferences, wellness events ...
                                   - Individuals: adults, children (from 3 years) and adolescents
                                   - Children and adults "motor", "hyperactive", "autism level 1", behavioral disorders related to stress, anxiety and                                              anxiety

                                   Designer of the chair "R by RelaxStory"

                                   Contact : 00.33.(0)

Our employees

Our daughter Carla and her overflowing imagination
Our masseuses Paula, Claire and Carolyn
Our recording teams (technicians, translators, musicians, noisemakers, actors)
Our broadcast teams on the Interne