Natural relaxation
The "R by RelaxStory" is a relaxing armchair without motorization allowing natural relaxation, it does not require an electrical connection.
It conforms to the shape of the body and allows to release all physical tensions (from the head to the pelvis through the neck, shoulders and back, visual fatigue, auditory saturation). It soothes psychic tensions offering a cocconing space away from the gaze without completely isolating the person from its environment thanks to its cap, its fins and its 360 ° axis of rotation.

A preserved and zen space
The "R by RelaxStory" places humanity and well-being at the heart of the spatial planning process. It offers a zen space and perfect integration in workspaces and allows you to do different tasks: listening to RelaxStory audio pauses, working, telephoning, reading, chatting, waiting, isolating, taking a coffee break, a nap ... Can be installed anywhere and valorizes any space from 1 m². Examples: building hall, openspace, wide corridor, cafeteria, coworking spaces, nomadism, R.I.E., relaxation areas ...

An armchair for all
The "R by RelaxStory" and all RelaxStory products are aimed at business users, hotels, shops, healthcare establishments, campuses, shopping malls ... and individuals.
It is accessible to all such as pregnant women, people with back problems ...

Some more...
It is available in different colors for the hull and the cushions, it is customizable on demand.
The RelaxStory audio application, combined with the chair, is both therapeutic and playful. It allows to digitize the well-being and to equip in 1 click all the users and all the buildings.

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Des petits plus dont on est fier...
La coque de couleur blanc uni est fabriqué dans un produit haut de gamme qui assainit l'air par photocatalyse pour éliminer tous les polluants, les bactéries, les produits chimiques et les pesticides autour de son volume. La technologie est également autonettoyante.
Différents coloris existent pour les coussins déhoussables. Il est également personnalisable à la demande.
L'application RelaxStory APP Coaching/Relaxation, associée au fauteuil, est à la fois thérapeutique et ludique. Elle permet de digitaliser le bien-être et d'équiper en 1 clic tous les utilisateurs et tous les bâtiments.

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