A natural relaxation
"R by RelaxStory" is a relaxing armchair with no motorization allowing a natural relaxation, it does not require electrical ramifications. He conforms to your body and allows to release all the physical tensions (from the head to the pelvis through the neck, shoulders and back, visual fatigue, hearing saturation). It soothes the psychic tensions by offering a cocconing space protected from the ways without completely isolating the person from his environment through his fins, his axis of rotation at 360 ° and his cap which protects from the lights of the suspended ceilings.

An clean air
The "R by RelaxStory" purifies ambient air by eliminating volatile pollutants, pesticides, bacteria and chemicals. The large surface of the hull sanitizes the air by photocatalysis and guarantees a vast environment preserved by a healthier air for people who relax, live and work close to the armchair. The technology is also self-cleaning.

A preserved and zen space (a room in a room)
The "R by RelaxStory" Human place and well-being at the heart of the approach of the spaces. It offers a Zen space and a perfect integration in workspaces and allows to do different tasks: Listen and consult the app coaching/relaxation RelaxStory, work, call, Lira, discuss, patience, isolate, take a coffee break, A Flash nap ... It could be installed everywhere and value any space from 3 m². Examples: Hall building, OpenSpace, Grand Hall, cafeteria, workspaces, nomadism, R.I.E., relaxation spaces ... 

An armchair for everybody
"R by RelaxStory" and all the products associated with RelaxStory are intended for users in business, in hotels, businesses, health facilities, campuses, shopping malls ... and the INDIVIDUALSS. It is accessible to all such as pregnant women, people with back problems ...

Little things we are proud of ... 
Different colors exist for removable cushions. It is also customizable on demand. The RelaxStory App Coaching/relaxation, associated with the armchair, is both therapeutic and playful. It makes it possible to digitalize the well-being and to equip in 1 Click All users and all buildings.

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R by RelaxStory