Relaxing Tales and Mini tales

The RelaxStory relaxing tales are a production combining instrumental music, sounds and a soothing voice that guides the child towards deep relaxation.
They are inspired by sophrology and yoga.
Each tale is a journey around the world that stimulates imagination and creativity. By imitating characters or animals, the child will identify its tensions and eliminate them naturally and gently. Their regular listening helps children to become aware of their bodies, increase their self-confidence, calm themselves and/or fall asleep peacefully.


Small yoga exercises less than 5 mn, simple and easy to carry out sitting in class, by car or at home. They complement and enrich the relaxing tales and quickly allow to calm a child and help him to concentrate before doing his homework for example. A relaxing tool for teachers.

Adults / Teens

Relax Fun and Relax 5

Relax FUN and relax 5 offer you the chance to take a 5-minute break, replace the coffee break and recharge your batteries intensely in a minimum of time. You will gain vigilance, lucidity and concentration with our pauses recorded in 3d audio for a total disconnection of your mind and optimum efficiency. To listen to his workplace, to the transport, to the hospital ... Take a break on the road, after a meeting, between two courses ...

Relax 15 and Relax 30

Relax 15 and relax 30 are therapeutic and playful sessions of about 15 or 30 minutes and help to decompress, rest and recuperate physically and mentally deeply from head to toe. Longer, they listen to take a nap, at home to fall asleep, to prepare for a competition, an examination, before or after an ambulatory operation, a health care ...

Features of the armchair R by RelaxStory

  • Ergonomically optimized seating for deep relaxation without motorization
  • Hull that sanitizes air by eliminating pollutants, bacteria and chemicals
  • Cap to lighten the brightness and relieve the eyes
  • Fins to isolate from the eyes and the noise
  • Rotary spindle at 360 ° to isolate
  • Calf Rest Box
    Shelf Rest
  • APP Coaching/Relaxation on tablet
  • Writing

Relaxing armchair and purifying the Air

The "R by RelaxStory"

The "R by RelaxStory" is an ergonomic armchair, relaxing, soothing, decontaminating ambient air and designer by the creators of RelaxStory, Beatriz Mezzetti and Mathieu Wolniewicz (Relaxation therapist). It is a suitable space to optimize a break in your business or for individuals.

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